Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Saltwater Club of Central Texas!

SCCT services the Central Texas (Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood) area. We have a highly varied membership with new and seasoned hobbyists, and we are proud to have many members in the military community (active duty, retired, veteran, and civilian).

As a sponsor, you help assist the reefing community and provide opportunities for club growth. Sponsorship is NOT limited only to aquatic goods or services. If you have an online or local business we can accommodate you.

Paid sponsorship subscriptions currently receive:

  • A dedicated discussion forum displaying a 468x60 (maximum) static or animated banner.
  • Unlimited posts announcing specials, sales, new and/or existing products and services within your discussion forum. In addition, you may create or announce any contests or raffles as you see fit. You are welcome to post outside of this forum to answer any questions or offer hobby insight, but advertisements should be limited to your board.
  • One (1) moderator account displaying an SCCT sponsor badge.
  • Access to forum statistics.



Current sponsorship subscriptions are $50 per year.

Equivalent value product donations, store credit, or gift certificates (which will all be given out as raffle prizes at club meetings) can be provided in lieu of payment. Please contact an administrator for more information.



To become a sponsor, fill out the Sponsor Contact form and submit it to an administrator.


To manually become a sponsor register a user account at

After registering go to: Profile>Account Settings>Actions>Paid Subscriptions, then select “Order” on the Sponsorship package. PayPal is our current payment processor and therefore can accept any credit cards.

If interested in alternate methods to cover sponsorship dues, fill out and submit the Sponsor Contact form to an administrator.

Upon receipt of payment or coordination with an administrator, your account will be created or upgraded, your dedicated discussion forum will be created (please remember to provide your advertisement banner, or if you need one we can help), and you may begin to advertise immediately.


Cancellation Policy:

No refunds of payment, credit, or merchandise (pro-rated or otherwise) shall be given.


We look forward to working with you! And on behalf of all the members of the Saltwater Club of Central Texas, thanks for your support!