Welcome to S.C.C.T., the Saltwater Club of Central Texas!

Welcome to S.C.C.T., the Saltwater Club of Central Texas

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The Saltwater Club of Central Texas represents hobbyists in the Killeen, Temple, Ft. Hood, Waco and surrounding areas. We are along the I35 corridor, centrally located between Dallas and Austin.

If you are new here, please register and introduce yourself. Any and all aquarium hobbyists are welcome to register and participate regardless of geographic location. The more the merrier! Tell us about your saltwater experience, and your current or pending setup, and feel free to ask any questions.

If you are already a member login and tell us what's new. We're here to help if we can. Club growth and assisting the reefing community is our goal.

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Pacific East Aquaculture / Acro SALE & NEW Nuggets & MORE
« Last post by Pacific East Aquaculture on August 20, 2018, 07:52:17 PM »
A lot going on this week!

Hot new Acropora posted and 25% off, Premium Members automatically get additional 15% off, that's 40% off!


NEW Nuggets
For every $100 you spend our site prompts you to buy 1 Nugget at a special low price, we just loaded a bunch of new Nuggets

NEW WYSIWYG Clams Posted

EXCLUSIVE Premium Member WYSIWYG Offerings
A couple samples, just for Premium Members!

In Today's video we take a look at a few products from West Mariculture. We will review their Bonsai Reef Shelf, Tonga Branch and Frag Rack all of which are available at Premium Aquatics.

West Mariculture Bonsai Shelf: https://goo.gl/4gXEf5
West Mariculture Tonga Branch and Frag Rack: https://goo.gl/jVvTz1

Visit Premium Aquatics: https://premiumaquatics.com

For a chance to win:
1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up
2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel
3. Post a comment on our YouTube video page
Pacific East Aquaculture / Check out the Adventures
« Last post by Pacific East Aquaculture on August 19, 2018, 08:24:53 AM »
Check out Dr. Mac's blog,  get to know more about us and our Adventures!


Read about it here:
Pacific East Aquaculture / New Acropora Posted
« Last post by Pacific East Aquaculture on August 17, 2018, 05:27:43 PM »
Find them here:

Free shipping orders over $249

PEA Red Devil

PEA Red Metallic mille

PEA Shortcake

PEA Green Zebra

PEA Chocolate

PEA Rainbow Flames
Reef News / [FEED]Diverse symbionts of reef corals have endured since 'age of dinosaurs'
« Last post by Coral News on August 17, 2018, 05:38:28 AM »
Diverse symbionts of reef corals have endured since 'age of dinosaurs'

Coral-algal partnerships have endured numerous climate change events in their long history, and at least some are likely to survive modern-day global warming as well, suggests an international team of scientists.
Source: Diverse symbionts of reef corals have endured since 'age of dinosaurs'
Pacific East Aquaculture / Sale Ends at MIDNIGHT!
« Last post by Pacific East Aquaculture on August 15, 2018, 06:00:52 PM »
25% off Acropora
25% off WYSIWYG Frags

Premium Members automatically get an additional 15% off

Find us here:


AA Aquarium 3 Watt UV Sterilizer Replacement Lamp **OPEN BOX**
On Sale! $29.99, $25.49

American Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor w/probe - NEW OPEN BOX RETURN
On Sale! $89.95, $76.46

On Sale! $349.00, $296.60

There are over 100 products on Sale & Clearance. Many of these sales are based on inventory, so make sure to find the deals fast!

Pacific East Aquaculture / Re: Site Grand Opening Sale
« Last post by Pacific East Aquaculture on August 15, 2018, 04:40:17 AM »
More beautiful WYSIWYG frags at 25% off





Pacific East Aquaculture / Re: Site Grand Opening Sale
« Last post by Pacific East Aquaculture on August 14, 2018, 05:11:05 PM »
25% off WYSIWYG Frags
Premium Members automatically get 15% more off

See them here:

A few samples







Pacific East Aquaculture / Re: Site Grand Opening Sale
« Last post by Pacific East Aquaculture on August 13, 2018, 05:53:32 PM »
Check out a recent review


I was on my way home from the beach to DC and had the magnet on the fridge for this company for almost two years from a WAMAS event. We've never purchased and I'd only glanced at the online store. Decided to take a little detour and visit their facilities during open hours. It was stunning. The owners are just superb at their craft, the tanks are above all else I've seen for hundreds of miles, and the quality of EVERY kind of livestock was the most top notch, with the best of coloration, and most reasonable of prices for a place with such a huge coral selection. Even though they stocked mostly coral, their fish and inverts were top notch and some were pretty rare, as well. They were all kept in great conditions. The full spectrum of livestock seemed healthy and disease free and well cared for while awaiting purchase. I will absolutely be utilizing their online store now that I know all their photos are true WYSIWYG for future purchases, but will also be sneaking a few more detours to the store on future trips home from the beach! Also got some great advice on lights. 10/10 absolutely pleased and satisfied, and the bubble tip we got has already rooted, is happy, healthy, eating, and hosting our maroon clown. Frags are plugged and doing great too. The physical store does have large dogs on the site, and is in a very small town that might not seem befitting of such a great store, but don't let it intimidate you! Once you make it past the speed traps and narrow roads, literal wonders await inside! Even if that's not your thing their online store is just top notch. We had a couple hour ride home and the owner still bagged everything like it could survive a several day ship if it needed. I cannot compliment this company enough, and I cannot wait to be a customer again. Thanks for a great experience, really!
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